Zero Waste Maximum Nutrition

Introducing WINX™ – our zero waste, enhanced nutrient extraction technology for innovative ingredient and food manufacturers.

Eliminate Waste

Our WINX™ technology eliminates waste and maximizes nutrition by creating whole food ingredients from traditional grains and pulses, as well as from food waste generated in the ‘paddock to plate’ value chain.

Major cost saving

A major benefit of our WINX™ technology is that it helps ingredient and food manufacturers to effectively eliminate operating costs associated with waste disposal and chemical processing.

The WINX™ technology is also input-agnostic, meaning that producers benefit from a highly versatile technology without the need to purchase a wide range of expensive processing equipment.

Whole food ingredient

Our WINX™ technology takes traditional inputs in their raw and natural state - like pulses, cereals, and fresh produce - and converts these to a whole food liquid.

This output is not only highly functional and shelf-stable, but superior in terms of nutritional value and health benefits to end consumers.

Primary producers

The WINX™ technology helps primary producers like fruit and vegetable farmers reduce their waste and costs associated with produce that’s typically rejected for sale by supermarkets but still high in nutritional value.

With the WINX™ technology, this rejected or low-grade ‘waste’ produce is processed into a superior whole food ingredient, locking away the nutrition and flavour and making it available for use downstream in food or beverage manufacturing.

Ingredient manufacturers

Our WINX™ technology helps ingredient manufacturers to reduce the waste and costs associated with their manufacturing processes by utilising the whole of the input.

With the WINX™ technology, ingredient manufacturers can now process and utilise the entire input, which both increases their production efficiency and reduces their bottom-line costs.

This new whole-food ingredient output can either by used directly by food manufacturers or utilised as a more efficient precursor material for downstream ingredient processing.

Conscious consumers

The WINX™ technology enables ingredient and food manufacturers to create better tasting and more nutritious products that address the needs of conscious consumers who are seeking food products that are clean, chemical-free, healthy, tasty and good for our planet.

Our Mission

To help accelerate the global transition to sustainable eating by making it easier for food manufacturers to access affordable, nutritious and high-performing plant-based ingredients.

Our team

Great things don’t happen by accident – they take great teams with a vision and proven track record – and that’s exactly what we have been able to assemble.

Nick Stamatiou

CEO – Co-founder

IP Strategy Expert

Ivan Gustavino

Strategy - Co-founder

Commercialisation Expert

Cedric Cross

Technology – Co-founder

Food Processing Expert

Our Partners

Our partners and collaborators understand the importance of eliminating food waste globally and improving our health by returning to eating whole food ingredients. These forward-thinking groups include:


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